Hansen's Northwest Native Plant Database

To our Gentle Customers, Dear Friends, and Fellow Native Plant Enthusiasts:

NW Native Plant Nursery, started twenty years ago by my dad, Wally Hansen, was closed in November 2010. The nursery and the tens of thousands of plants were, sadly, innocent victims of an ongoing divorce. I will spare you the details; suffice it to say, the Court in its wisdom will eventually determine the status of the remaining living plants at the Nursery.

While it is sad, and difficult to personally comprehend why it is happening, I have come to accept the impermanence of all things – plants, marriages, life itself. It is a truth that all gardeners, especially my father, knew and accepted. All things have their time, and when that time is over, we accept that passing with dignity and grace, and after mourning, have a greater appreciation of our children, our families, and the fact that we are still alive to enjoy them.

My father would have said: "Shed a few tears tonight, Diana, but in the morning, dry your eyes. The nursery had a good run. Now, get on with it." So get on with it, I shall.

So what's happening with the website?

You may have noticed it has a new look – it’s the work of Jennifer Rehm, our “native plant lady” and web mistress for the nursery website for years (she and Dad worked closely together on the native plant journals, etc).

It was my father’s dream to have his website become more than a portal to a retail operation. He wanted it to become a major resource center and database for all Northwest Native Plants. To that end, I’ve given permission to Jennifer Rehm to change and expand the website in that creative direction, adding her own name “The Wild Garden,” but still linking to Wally Hansen’s NW Native plants for awhile. Jennifer is a tremendous resource; if you have questions about native plants, email her directly. She’ll keep expanding the site – she’ll put in regular links – I daresay there may even be a Wild Garden Native Plant Journal - and I’ve given her permission to use my Dad’s thousands of photographs of native plants to establish a massive library of images online for people to use under a Creative Commons license.

We can no longer sell plants, unfortunately, but as we go forward, we’ll post links to places we recommend for you to get your native plants! Meanwhile, my personal email is dianahy@aol.com, if you have leftover nursery business. Just remember that because of the ongoing divorce, I no longer have access to the house, the nursery at Bower Court, and can’t sell or ship you anything; we’ll just wait until the Court sorts it all out. For any other nursery related business, I have Skype, at 503-549-1033.

Finally, in order to get through the divorce with some degree of sanity, I am blogging about the great divorce adventure: http://dianahansenyoung.typepad.com/blog/ if you’re interested.

For the time being, I’m staying in New York, to be near my daughters. I come back and forth to Salem; eventually, I’d like to re-establish my own small residence here.

I thank you for your years of friendship and shared love of plants with my father. God bless, and good gardening.

Diana Hansen-Young

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