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It's Earth Day, 2015!

In celebration of this annual holiday, we've whipped up a special edition of the NW Native Plant Journal. Most of the content is a reprise of a journal I wrote in 2007 for this observance, updated a bit for today.

But then, not so much has changed except we are, for the most part, gaining know-how on more harmonius living here on the globe.

So, after the day's action, take a break for an evening read. See what's happening in this year of 2015 for making each day better for us all. Mostly it's a question of waking up from the same-old same-old that may have lulled us to sleep as we became too comfortable there in the ordinary. 

Wake up! Get up! And live!

NW Native Plant Journal, 2nd quarter, 2015

New right now!

2015's second issue of the journal is available online--download or read on your pc or tablet, whichever is easiest for you. 

Topics include: 

Artemisia--new kids on the block. Not a new species in the Pacific northwest, but new to this writer and possibly new to you. Most of us have heard of Dusty Miller. It's one of the most common plants in the landscape, available even at grocers, to brighten shady corners. These natives have the same colors and textures as old Dusty, but with the native pedigree we desire.

Blooming bushes--flowering shrubs providing flowers in spring. See close-ups of the blooms plus photos of mature plants.

Get certified--Yes, you can! Demystifying certification of backyard wildlife habitats.

Sustainable gardening--environmental questions. This subject goes hand-in-hand with the wildlife habitat concept.

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