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Picea breweriana (Brewer's Spruce, Weeping Spruce)


 Plantae – Plants


 Tracheobionta – Vascular plants


 Spermatophyta – Seed plants


 Coniferophyta – Conifers






 Pinaceae – Pine family


 Picea A. Dietr. – spruce


 Picea breweriana S. Watson – Brewer spruce

This stunning ornamental masterpiece of nature is rare in the wild and hard to find commercially.

Dramatic and quite sophisticated, Brewer’s Spruce is native only to small areas in southwestern Oregon, though it fares well in USDA zones 6-7.

Outstanding are its characteristic full sweeping branches, gracefully clothed in dark, blue-green needles. The unusual color and form are always eye-catching. This spruce has whitish scaling bark that can be glimpsed when the wind sways the branches. The cones of this rare garden treasure are 4 - 6 inches long.

While it can reach 120,’ it is very slow-growing.

It prefers cold, moist sites but will not survive in saturated soils. It grows at high elevations and is often found on very steep, north-facing slopes.

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