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Old Man Winter has come to call, just as he has since the seasons got their names. Put a lamp beside his chair along with a warm rug for his knees and a mug of spiced cabernet makes a joyful welcoming.

As we sit and savor the peaceful afternoon, the backyard wildlife habitat hums with the trills and chatter of wild things gobbling up all manner of bugs and snails and seeds from the native shrubs and grasses and perennials planted since the habitat was developed.

During winter's reign, the gardener will surely find free moments for planning the chores and changes to be faced come springtime. I love this time here in the Pacific Northwest. The things that fall from the sky are favorites: mists that drift down, the rain that patters or thunders according to its wont, and especially the snowfalls that may come. Those are the best!

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NW Native Plant Journal coming soon, ETA 1/1/2015

The first issue of the Journal for 2015 marks 12 years of our online magazines (e-zines).

It all started with a phone call from Wally telling me about a new idea to make our web presence better, to generate more interest in northwest native plants. He had been enjoying a magazine called "Hortus" for years, but it had closed down.

Wally wanted us to pick up the features of this publication, and put it on the internet with fresh ideas, beautiful photographs, and introducing our audience to a brand new entity: the NW Native Plant Journal. We've come a long way, baby!

Front page of our first Journal

Star Trees at Willamette University

Giving the trees some time to heal

The high winds of the October 27, 2014, storm damaged branches on three of the five Star Trees on the Willamette University campus. The university Office of the President said the trees are healthy but showing stress from the storm. The grounds team expressed concerns about the cumulative effects of light installation and the use of heavy cabling when amplified by this fall's lavish weather.

Though the dramatic lighting must wait until (hopefully) next year to be enjoyed, these five Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant Sequoias) are quite awesome even "unplugged."

May I suggest a break from frantic shopping and bustling crowds? Stop by the Willamette campus (you can even park near the trees on State Street), stroll into the living cathedral formed by these magnificent native giants and just breathe. There's a stillness there that is palpable.

Above, the view from the center of the five Giant Sequoias.
At left, the trees all decked out in the display of holiday lights from previous years.

Notice: Photos on this website, unless otherwise indicated, were taken by me (Jennifer Rehm), by the former nursery's staff photographer, JoAnn Onstott, or are in the public domain and are free for anyone to use.


(How I met the garden's master)

Once upon an autumn weekend (I think it was around 1995), a fellow gardener and I planned to visit a nursery close to Salem, Oregon. I'd found a small ad in the local newspaper's classifieds offering native plants for sale. The idea of including natives in our gardens was novel and intriguing. I was sparsely acquainted with this genre,

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